Saturday, June 11, 2011

Overwhelming Tasks!

SO I have been really tied up for the past few weeks, however, I actually got all the site content for the new site but now it all comes down to me putting it into the code for the site. I have plans to be done within the next few weeks but as with anything, time will tell. I have so much to write about right now but I know it would become overwhelming if I write about everything. So let me just give a condensed version of everything so you and me both can go back to our daily life of getting things done.

So I am in the middle of doing my research paper, well now the deadline is only 2 weeks away. Anyways, I have quite a bit of research to finish and then compile it into my final essay. FUN!

There has been lots going on here at home too but I am not even going to get into all of this until a future post. Nevertheless, we are supposed to be going to Ohio soon but I think, once again, I am having second thoughts. I just don't know about that whole situation anymore. However, I have this feeling that we are not going to go because from past experiences in Ohio during the almost three years I have lived here in North Jersey, I never want to be in Ohio anyways.

I always try to save the best for last, Carlos and I will be celebrating our anniversary soon! (7/23)

Well that is all for now, have a great day!

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